Say goodbye to boring Virtual Company Systems

flyLAT is bringing you the next level of realism and reason to fly in your flight simulators. Compatible with Flight Simulator series, X-Plane series*, you are not limited. 

Why would you want to just fly and collect points as well as be scored on unrealistic measures... I took it upon my self to do my research and see what the community really needed to fulfil their simulation needs. You will be rewarded for your flight condition, your ability to land comfortably and maintaining your fleet. Your employees (virtual and ai) are the heart of your airline. With every flight earning you something to help you grow and expand. 

Collect reputation for your airline and individual pilots as well as earn money for each flight, every flight counts!

First application that connects more simulators, not just flight. We will be introducing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator to flyLAT with Cargo update in 2024. Connecting more players together like never before. 

We listen to our community! 


Like No Other

We know that flight sim community is flooded with loads of different virtual airline systems. My goal is to be unique and rise above all with features that cannot be found anywhere else. Listening to my community. We don't just reward you with points or rep like other applications do. I have done vast research from various airlines to find out exactly how airlines work and earn money to provide realism without taking the fun aspect of the simulation experience.

Employee Management

Did you know that hiring AI and real players for your virtual airline can revolutionize your business? By combining the efficiency of our advanced AI algorithm with human creativity, you can optimize schedules and resources, while players tackle complex challenges and innovate strategies. As you earn profits, expand your company with new planes, routes, and destinations. Take your airline to new heights today!

Aircrafts | Routes | Economy

Managing your fleet and hubs is critical to running a successful airline. Buy new planes, upgrade existing ones, and assign them to profitable routes. Creating profitable routes is key to success in the airline industry. With the ability to analyse world economies and passenger demand, you can design routes that meet market needs and generate high profits. Stay competitive by adjusting routes as demand changes and maximizing efficiency through hub connections. Take advantage of this feature and grow your airline today!

Other Exciting Features

Custom Announcements*
Streamer Overlays*
Company Alliances*
Custom Events and Contracts
Company Websites*
3rd Party Integration
Advanced Passenger Economy
Advanced AI System
Growing and Expanding World
Unique Dynamic Cargo Economy *
API Developer Access*
Advanced Cargo Logistics System*

* System may still not be added or it's work in progress. For more details, check out our discord channel or our progress page

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