flyLAT is going to be a next level virtual airline company system, compatible with all popular PC flight sim's. Free for pilots.

That's going to be a game changer mate, you have no idea how huge flyLat is gonna become.
~ wonkeyDialup, Closed Beta User
2020 we saw the next generation of flight sim enter our lives. 2023 we saw the first and last community driven VA platform. We saw FlyLAT.
~ simK, Soarin CEO
This insane, cannot wait for all the features to be online
~ cloudGuy, Closed beta tester
Like No Other
We know that flight sim community is flooded with loads of different virtual airline systems. My goal is to be unique and rise above all with features that cannot be found anywhere else. Listening to my community. Tweaking every aspect of the app to suit everyone's needs for an ideal all in one application. We don't just reward you with points or rep like other applications do. I have done vast research from various airlines to find out exactly how airlines work and earn money to provide realism without taking the fun aspect of the simulation experience.
Hire Pilots
Did you know that hiring AI and real players for your virtual airline can revolutionize your business? By combining the efficiency of AI with human creativity, you can optimize schedules and resources, while players tackle complex challenges and innovate strategies. As you earn profits, expand your company with new planes, routes, and destinations. Take your airline to new heights today!
Aircrafts & Hubs
Managing your fleet and hubs is critical to running a successful airline. Buy new planes, upgrade existing ones, and assign them to profitable routes. Choose strategic hub locations to maximize efficiency and increase profits. With careful management, you can grow your airline into a dominant player in the industry.
Routes & Economy
Creating profitable routes is key to success in the airline industry. With the ability to analyze world economies and passenger demand, you can design routes that meet market needs and generate high profits. Stay competitive by adjusting routes as demand changes and maximizing efficiency through hub connections. Take advantage of this feature and grow your airline today!
Cross Sim Compatible
flyLAT goes beyond flying by offering cross-simulation compatibility. Users can not only experience flying but also engage in transporting cargo using truck simulators and farm produce through air transportation. The application plans to integrate with popular simulators like ETS2, ATS, and Farm Simulator, providing endless possibilities for virtual airline operations.
Streamer Features
If you love streaming your flights, flyLAT is here for you. With flight update toolbar and live map, we have you covered. Get your viewers to track your flight live on any web enabled device. There is no need for them to install any app for this.
Custom Company Website
If you are a web developer or not... you will be able to showcase your virtual company with ease. There is no need for you to buy your own domain and webspace. You will be able to customise your website within flyLAT application or upload your custom made site. More information on this very soon.
Custom Announcements
Your virtual airline has got even better with announcements. You will receive custom made announcements as part of your subscription. Anyone flying your airline will also get these announcements.
We will have several modes for Pilots. You will be able to embark on a career path even if you are not part of an airline. Fly for any airline you want as a freelancer. Earn money for that airline as well as yourself
CEO Partnership
Don't be alone in the vast world of flyLAT Airlines. Join forces with another airline, share resources to help eachother be successful. Share aircrafts, hubs, routes and employees.
Custom Events and Missions
Get creating by creating your own events for your pilots as well as missions. Create specific events like travel around the world with your own set routes or create missions to help you complete a contract.
3rd Party Intergration
Send notifications to your discord or guilded server with webhooks. If you have your own website, you can request API about your airline and pilots.
If you only want to fly as a pilot, you dont need a paid plan, free plan is for you
Join our growing Discord community
On our community discord, we help you with problems, keep you up to date with the latest news on flyLAT and host exclusive events


The virtual airline app is designed for aviation enthusiasts who want to run their own airline business. With this app, you can create routes, buy and sell aircraft, and hubs, and manage your resources in a dynamic living economy system that is influenced by real-world events and passenger/cargo demand. The app is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and soon with X-Plane, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realistic airline management experience. Whether you're a seasoned aviation professional or a newcomer to the industry, the virtual airline app offers a challenging and rewarding way to test your skills and build a successful airline. Try it today and see how far you can soar!

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